Services and Appointments

Lotus of the Soul is my vision for bringing self-care out to the community. I can provide convenient and affordable yoga and wellness service that travels to your location for group classes.  What a great way to de-stress and boost your health at the convenience of your office! I can provide props, some mats and will lead you through a full practice of your design that can include exercise, stretching, mindfulness and even health-giving /stress busting breathing techniques. (Breathwork is great for anxiety, asthma, and for aiding to reduce stress.) If you would like to explore Western meditation I would also be happy to help you get your practice started. I feel that meditation is a very personal practice and should be self-led for the most part.  The best part of yoga is of course the end of class where we visit a deep relaxation. (Private or semi-private lessons are available in my in-home studio or by Facetime/Skype.)

Travel-to-you group lessons are perfect for workplaces and organizations such as, churches, daycares, schools, group homes, retirement communities or local businesses who would like to host a single or series of classes for their employees, congregation, students or residents. With a class of at least five participants within 25 miles I charge $10 a student per class. For regular classes at your establishment we can negotiate a reasonable price with consideration of distance, number of students and scheduled number of classes.

I have fallen in love with the practice and am excited to share yoga. It has benefited my life in so many ways. I would love to give everyone the gift of health and peace it has brought to me.

I am also happy to volunteer my service to local humanity causes and non-profit organizations. Please contact me for more information.

I offer traditional Hatha Yoga, gentle yoga for beginners or seniors, Vinyasa flow, Yin/Relaxation,  and an advanced level 2 strength/endurance yoga for more of a workout. I do give meditation lessons that include basic instruction on purpose, methods and ways to drop in. I also pull from my own experience as well as my education to offer  individual overall wellness consultation. These include diet, mindfulness and stress reduction technique appointments from my home studio or by Facetime/Skype.

Please call or email to learn more or schedule your class today.

Yoga offers a safe place for all to find health.