Why Yoga?

I began my yoga practice as a physical fitness routine. I now know that yoga is a mind, body and soul healer.

There are aspects of yoga that encompass the entire life experience and as we learn ourselves we can then become our own best health advocates. Once I began to practice yoga regularly, I began to understand myself and my body so much better.  I began to see the stress reduction and feelings of happiness and wellness. I naturally became more curious about incorporating the philosophy of yoga as I saw how well the physical practices were working. Yoga has been an amazing tool that has helped to heal and enrich all facets of my life. Through the philosophy of yoga I have come to know my body, learned to watch my mind and found so much compassion and love for myself.  Soon my love grew and expanded so much that it blossomed into a want to share the gift of yoga.

Yoga is easy to fall in love with and that the reason that it is fast becoming an integral part of our western idea of a full wellness philosophy. It has become widely accepted as a therapeutic answer to all dis-ease and is an amazing addition to any lifestyle. It is able to be practiced by all ages, sizes, and ideologies. Science has embraced yoga as a safe and effective health management and healing practice. We are seeing it used for many physical rehabilitative purposes. Even more surprisingly however, it is being used in mental wellness therapies. Often used in schools, prisons, hospitals, and group care facilities it is excellent for anxiety and depression and is even proving useful for treatment of PTSD.

We take the benefits of yoga right off of our mats and into our everyday lives.

Yoga is free of dogma, and all religious context allowing people of any religion, faith or culture to feel confident to practice.  Completely non-evasive and with zero side effects!

The roots of yoga run deep, and at its deepest essence it is a powerful tool for you to transform your life on individual every level.

Yoga offers a safe place for all to find health. I will provide support and compassionate care as we work toward your personal goals. Allow me to walk with you on the way home to yourself.