Why Yoga?

Yoga is so much more than “exercise”. Yoga is an experience of calm and inner quiet. The many facets of yoga come together to create a mind/body awareness. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, addictions and many other common issues can be helped through tending with gentle awareness. Yoga simply provides the time and physical attention that is required to make the necessary connections.

There are aspects of slowing down and connecting with your physical body that expand your awareness. Within that expansion  there is the availability to understand ourselves better and recognize the habits and thoughts that keep us from moving forward with our goals. As you learn to turn your attention inward I hope to help you  become your own best health advocate.

With a dedicated practice of self-understanding I have come to know my body, learned to watch my mind and found so much more compassion and love for myself.  You too can find the places in your life where thoughts are holding you in behavioral patterns. My goal is to give you the tools to take care of yourself.

Given the chance, yoga is easy to fall in love with-  that is the reason that it is fast becoming an accepted part of our western idea of a full wellness philosophy. It is fast becoming a widely accepted method  of managing  stress and easing the maladies of disease. It is inexpensive, travels easily and is an amazing addition to any lifestyle. Yoga is all about building strength and flexibility with gentle opening and movement of the body. The yoga I teach can be practiced by all ages, sizes, and ideologies. I adhere to a secular and Western medicine based style. Science has begun studying the effects of yoga and are embracing it as a safe and effective health maintenance practice. We are seeing it pop up in the west for many physical rehabilitative purposes as well as stress management purposes.  New programs are being constantly devised and taught for use in schools, prisons, hospitals, and group care facilities because mindfulness is excellent for anxiety, depression, pain management, and is even proving useful for of PTSD.

Science agrees, we take the benefits of yoga right off of our mats and into our everyday lives.

My style of yoga is not a religion- there is no dogma or religious context. People of any religion, faith or culture can feel comfortable and confident to practice and benefit.  Best of all it is completely non-evasive and has no negative side effects! (I do not use physical touch alignment.)


Yoga offers a safe place for all to find health.