Director and Pioneer

Traci is a 200hour Certified Yoga Teacher at Lotus of the Spirit. Her inspiration to be a yoga teacher comes from her personal healing through yoga, her love of physical fitness and exercise and her hope to offer yoga’s benefits to others.

Traci struggled with her weight since her childhood. She also has experience with anxiety and depression.  She has true compassion for others who suffer through true understanding. It was not until after her third son was born and she was in her 30’s that she became an avid exerciser and health and wellness enthusiast. With 7 years of experience and personal practice she is ready to share her knowledge of body movement, diet, and mindfulness to help others achieve their health goals.  This is not bootcamp- compassion and support will always be the main focus. She believes that every person comes to the changes they want to make in their life in their own time. Through support and empathetic encouragement she believes we can each find our own path to wellness.

Her mission is to begin by being by guiding you in building your own personalized and fulfilling wellness plan. The only real way to upkeep that change however, comes with forming  a new lifestyle or habit.  If we love it- we do it.  She is committed to staying the course and working out the obstacles in order to really getting her clients to that place where they have their new lifestyle in place and feel they can comfortably maintain their work.

Yoga offers a safe place for all to find health. I will provide support and compassionate care as we work toward your personal goals. Allow me to walk with you on the way home to yourself.