About the Instructor and her Mission

Traci is a 200hour Certified Yoga Teacher. She continues to train and expand her knowledge in effort to keep herself and her students healthy. Her inspiration to be a yoga teacher was cultivated through her personal transformation through self-care. She found yoga through her love of physical fitness and she hopes to guide others through the benefits of physical activity and self-care.

Through personal understanding of our own nature, compassionate support, self-love and radical acceptance of ourselves she believes we can each find a path to peacefulness.

Her mission is to help build the foundation for a strong personal practice of self care that teaches you to know yourself like never before. This knowing extends through every facet of life and requires simply noticing that we are constantly in flux by minute, hour and day. Mindfulness is life-encompassing and begins with proper rest, movement, fuel, a strong base of mental awareness and flexibility to help form new healthy habits and release old self-limiting patterns that occur because we ignore our needs and feelings.

Yoga offers a safe place for all to find health.