The most important question: Can I do yoga?

Yoga is incredibly adaptable and can be structured to fit anyone needs. Many fear they must be very flexible to begin yoga, but the truth is that yoga is excellent for people who need to gain flexibility in their body. It gently and incrementally improves your flexibility, strength, and balance from where ever you are starting out. You may also feel limited because you believe that you have to be able to sit on the floor for yoga but again, yoga is very adaptable and can be modified to be done sitting in a chair. Chair yoga is a fun variety offering that can bring everyone benefit. Yoga meets you with whatever your health goals may be. If you are looking for a challenging yet gentle way to bring health to your body yoga offers many benefits. Yoga delivers a body weight work out. This type exercise tones muscle, builds endurance and even keeps your bones strong. Yoga will also increase your mobility and range of motion, bring balance between strength and flexibility, and work your core like no other type of body movement can. Yoga works with movement and stationary poses which provides a perfect method of balancing fast twitch and slow twitch muscle in your body. As you age, having this balance protects you from falls and helps you remain mobile. Yoga is gentle enough to rehabilitate an injury, yet effective enough to improve stenosis/scoliosis, keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels healthy and keep your entire body firm and toned. Yoga can be used to complement other forms of exercise and treatments or even just to maintain stress levels and bring relaxation to rejuvenate. No matter where you begin in your yoga practice, you will feel great -mind and body. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it excludes no one- there is a perfect yoga practice for you!

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